Hello, world.

I've been a software engineer since I could type. I've been happy and successful in my chosen career, but also I have become concerned seeing how the power of computers can be abused by those with the resources to do it.

Through Scizu.com, I'm going to build services and products to help people realize the full potential of technology.

I'm not interested in selling your personal information or advertising to you. When it makes sense I'll charge for these services, but I'm not trying to acquire more wealth. Greed is a mental disorder that I don't want to have.

Let's see what we can do with an empowered world.

Okay, so what does the world need?

Jobs. People need work and the skills to do work. But the existing job engines serve different masters. One is trying to become a social media platform. Another just wants to be the Google of job searches - with no consideration towards what you or the hiring company needs.

Let's consider what makes the most profit for a job search tool. Getting the most people hired is a function that benefits the candidate and the hiring company. People get jobs and the search tool gets paid in some way.

But is there a better metric? If we ignore the profit motive from job searches, we can use other metrics like: length of time the person stays in the job (as a form of satisfaction) or the highest pay for the candidate. These feel like important metrics to pay attention to. So Scizu will track these alongside hiring frequency as our metrics for success.